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Have you guys seen the latest commercial of celebrity English footballer, David Beckham? We all know he’s launched his own underwear line under H&M, and for this year, he teams up with director Guy Ritchie for the 2013 campaign of David Beckham Bodywear for H&M. I just love watching every moment of this short video… oh, and those English BUMS! Check out the video below. More photos and videos of naked athletes here.

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It’s not only Beyonce who’s been on the world wide web spotlight recently. Given that spectacular performance, a 16-second underwear campaign from Calvin Klein also as left a mark to millions all over the world. Giving a 360-degree look on their new underwear and model, Matthew Terry, it was really something that left most of us in awe of that ripped athletic physique in black and white shadows and silhouettes. No wonder he got the spotlights on him for this campaign. More photos and videos of naked male celebs here.

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Oh boy, snuggling a hot beau like our featured sports stud today is just every gay’s dream! Meet Rolandas Mascinskas, a gold medalist at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. This 20-year-old hot shot is still on the competing stream, reaching the finals of the men’s double sculls during the 2012 Summer Olympics. He’s sure one sizzling package to watch out for, given those skimpy rowing uniform that gives us a good view of his bulge! More photos and videos of naked athletes here.

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We’ve got quite a serving of athletic man-dishes to start off your week as we bring you the boys of Gay Times magazine; shot nude by photographer Dylan Rosser. Wish I was on set to see all those dangling goods right in front of the camera. The sizzling magazine spread featured Olympic diver Chris Mears, Olympic Judo stud Ashley McKenzie and Olympic Boxer Luke Campbell among others. Check out the photographer’s shoot with Mears, just to prove these guys were totally clothing-free during the shoot. HOT! More photos and videos of naked athletes here.

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Footballers are such kiss-expressive guys, meaning, they love to kiss to express happiness and excitement even though it’s a fellow guy they are kissing. Speaking of, our athlete for today, Matthieu Debuchy is one smooch-perfect example of that. He’s professional footballer playing for New Castle United in the UK. Check out and see his photos below, including that French lip smacking moment with his co-player. More photos and videos of naked athletes here.