Forgive the hiatus of posts for our blog as we have our eyes peeled to the hotties of the London Olympics as it recently opened. And guess what, we sure have gathered a bunch of hot sport studs for you to lust upon! For now, we believe it would be a good month-ender to showcase those tight gripping muscle boys of the gymnastics division. Can you name them all? Check out their photos below. More photos and videos of naked athletes here.

Danell Leyva from United States of America

David Belyavskiy from Russia

Epke Zonderland from Netherlands

Fabian Leimlehner from Austria

Louis Smith from Great Britain

Nathan Gafuik from Canada

Philipp Boy from Germany

Tommy Ramos from Puerto Rico

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By admin | October 28, 2011 - 10:10 am - Posted in Danell Leyva

Has anyone seen an ill-fitting gymnast in their lifetime? I bet not. They have the best guns in the world, given that these help them to maneuever around floor exercises, bars and even those extended thingies in the air. Today we feature one hot son of gun gymnast Danell Levya. Check those huge arms at work! More photos and videos of naked athletes here.