We’ve got quite a serving of athletic man-dishes to start off your week as we bring you the boys of Gay Times magazine; shot nude by photographer Dylan Rosser. Wish I was on set to see all those dangling goods right in front of the camera. The sizzling magazine spread featured Olympic diver Chris Mears, Olympic Judo stud Ashley McKenzie and Olympic Boxer Luke Campbell among others. Check out the photographer’s shoot with Mears, just to prove these guys were totally clothing-free during the shoot. HOT! More photos and videos of naked athletes here.

It’s raining sports men this August as we bask in the overflowing rush of adrenaline in the 2012 London Olympics. Just as we have started spotting some Olympic hotties in the previous months, you’ll be served with more juicy boys of sports! To fire up yet again the month, check out these spotted Olympic divers who exude quite a charm and some hot bulge at that. More photos and videos of naked athletes here.

Troy Dumais from United States of America

David Boudia from United States of America

Matthew Mitcham from Australia

Javier Illana Garcia from Spain

Chong He from China

Sascha Klein from Germany

Christopher Mears from United Kingdom

Tom Daley from United Kingdom

Alexandre Despatie from Canada

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By admin | February 28, 2012 - 6:08 am - Posted in Christopher Mears

Adding up to our sports hotties diving from the skies is young English meat Christopher Mears who is a “MUST WATCH” for the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics. This 19-year-old diver surely heats up the atmosphere as he plunges to a wet pool of his own awesomeness. All this young lad’s action captured below… and that BULGE! More photos and videos of naked athletes here.

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